Meet our team!

Larry Luciani

Carolyn Leaver-Luciani – Dealer Principal, Furniture Sales Manager
Carolyn is the 3rd generation of the Leaver family to own and operate Manley’s Basics. With a lifetime of experience, Carolyn operates the business with her sister Lisa. She is a specialist in office furniture solutions, ergonomics, space planning, and office design. She also is a representative for the company’s Health & Safety Committee. Carolyn is very involved with the community through Rotary and is also the clerk of session for the Point Edward Presbyterian church. Carolyn has helped to spearhead the Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF.  She is a Paul Harris fellow and has won the Rotarian of the year award. In 2017 she was bestowed the Sarnia Community Foundation Woman of Excellence Award and in 2020 she was honoured by being on the Sarnia Mayor’s Honour roll.  If you need any assistance with your office furniture needs contact Carolyn at 519-336-4940 ext. 237 or via email at carolyn@

Lisa Hewton

Lisa Leaver-Hewton – Dealer Principal, Stationery Manager
Lisa, alongside her sister Carolyn, is the 3rd generation of the Leaver family to own and operate Manley’s Basics. She oversees the Stationery Department, client contracts, and donations for charity events.  If you would like to get a hold of Lisa for any of your office solutions please call her at 519-336-4940 ext. 236 or via email at lisah@

Larry Luciani

Larry Luciani – Furniture Customer Account Representative
Larry joined the Manley’s family in 1999. He is a trained professional in all office furniture solutions including ergonomics, space planning, product information, design, and high density storage. Using the latest furniture design software he can produce a 2D and 3D visual of your new office to help with your decision making process.  If you are looking to spruce things up in your office, Larry is the man to see!  You can contact him via cell phone at 519-330-1595 or via email at larry@

Sasha Gladwish
Sasha Gladwish – Outside Sales
Sasha is sister to Lisa and Carolyn, and has worked at Manley’s since childhood along with them. Sasha left in 1992 to pursue her own business and has returned to us in June of 2016 as our outside sales person. If you would like Sasha to come out and see you for a quote or to keep your stationery supply stocked please contact her on her cell 519-328-9265 or sasha@
Debbie Carter – Inside Sales & Business Development Manager
Deb joined the Manley’s family in 2013. Deb worked in our retail store for a year and has since moved onto  inside sales.  If you are interested in getting any information on our stationery products or would like to place an order call Debbie at 519-336-4940 ext. 243 or contact her via email at deb@
Joanne Charbonneau – Retail Staff
Joanne joined us in the spring of 2018, after working at DeGroot’s Retail Store for over 5 years. She is a quick learner and can help with your office needs. If you are interested in purchasing Stationery, please contact Joanne in person at the store or call 519-336-4940 Ext. 221 or via email eastcash@

Sabina White-Groombridge – Administrative Assistant Furniture
Sabina originally joined the Manley’s family in 1977. Sabina is an expert with all of Manley’s furniture products, being responsible for ordering, sales, and customer service.  If you need any assistance with your office furniture solutions contact Sabina at 519-336-4940 ext. 239 or via email at sabina@

Karen Ferguson – Retail Sales Associate
Karen joined the Manley’s family in 2007 in the furniture department. She has now transferred to support retail stationery sales.  For over 20 years, Karen worked for Dow Chemicals here in Sarnia before it closed. 

Shelley Pask – Customer Service Specialist
Shelley has been with the Manley’s family since 1998. She has experience working in several sectors of the store; now operating Customer Service phone lines and invoicing. Shelley is one of our very own office products and stationery experts. If you have any questions regarding product or would like to place an order contact Shelley at 519-336-4940 ext. 232 or via email at sales@

Connie Quinn – Warehouse (Pick and Pack)
Connie originally joined the Manley’s family back in 1991 as a part of the retail staff at the old Lochiel Street store. Connie stayed in the retail store until 2004 when she left the company briefly. She now works with us in our packaging section and defective products. If you have any questions regarding orders you are waiting for please contact Connie at 519-336-4940 ext. 242 or via email at pickandpack@

Lynda Convy – Warehouse (Pick and Pack), Health & Safety
Lynda joined the Manley’s family working in the former Lochiel retail store in 2003.  When the Lochiel Street store closed in 2009, Lynda moved to our Kendall Street location and began working in the warehouse packaging orders.  Lynda is also one of our Manley’s staff Health & Safety Representative. If you have any questions regarding orders you are waiting for please contact Lynda at 519-336-4940 ext. 242 or via email at pickandpack@

Rob Hall – Furniture Repairs & Installation Expert, Receiving
Rob has been an office furniture mechanical expert for 20 years.  For furniture service repair contact Rob. He maintains our used furniture section and warehouse. If you are having any issues with your current office furniture and need an expert opinion contact Rob at 519-336-4940 ext. 240 or via email at rob@

Dwayne Nicefield –Deliveries
Dwayne joined the Manley’s family in 1993, he has over 25 years in experience in this industry. Dwayne has experience in several roles at Manleys but says he really enjoys seeing our friendly customers while doing deliveries daily. 

Cathy Irvine – Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, Furniture Purchasing
Cathy has been with the Manley’s family off and on since 1979 in the former retail store on Lochiel Street.  She has her diploma in Business and experience in nearly every section of the company. Around the office Cathy is known as a wizard since she seems to have the answer to anyone’s questions regarding our computer systems, accounts, and product.  If you are interested in setting up a business account or inquiring about invoicing please contact Cathy at 519-336-4940 ext. 228 or via email at cathyi@

Darlene LaCourse – Purchasing
Darlene joined the Manley’s family in 2010 as our stationery purchaser. She has over 22 years of experience in purchasing. If you would like to get a hold of Darlene for any purchasing needs  or special orders please contact her at 519-336-4940 ext. 231 or via email at darlene@

Chase McRae – Furniture Installations
Chase is our lead furniture installer with experience in most of our products. 

Jordan Bridgeman– Furniture Installations
Jordan is new to our installation team but is enjoying the experience.