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Free Warranty
All new furniture items purchased at Manley's Basics come with a free warranty.  We stand behind the products we sell!  Did you know most chairs that we sell have a 5 year warranty?  Any Steelcase seating has a 10 year warranty, and all off-shore product has a 1 year warranty.  There is no need to pay extra money for a warranty that is already in place on a product.  We will make sure you are taken care of!
Are you uncomfortable at work?  Do you have aches and pains?
The staff at Manley's Basics can provide you with some ergonomic tips that can help you to work more effectively and with less pain - just ask!
  • Did you know that your feet should be securely on the floor when you work, to help prevent lower back pain?  By simply making sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle to the floor, and your feet are flat on the floor you will be relieving excess body weight from putting pressure on your lower back.
  • The middle of your monitor and your keyboard should be even with the middle of your belly-button
  • Keep your chin tucked in while you work
  • Use the back of your chair - make it a habit
  • Don't reach for your mouse - keep your mouse on the same elevation as your keyboard and avoid reaching - this can cause arm and neck pain
  • Is your mouse hurting you?  Call us about alternatives
Please contact us if you are interested in more ergonomic tips, or an evaluation of your current workspace!
Chair Maintenance 101
Did you know that your desk chair requires simple maintenance?
To keep your chair lasting longer and working more efficiently it is important that you take proper care of it.  Once a week, go up and down on your chair 3 times.  Your chair has a pneumatic lift and this requires use.  If you don't use your pneumatic lift, you can lose it.  If your chair is sinking while you are trying to work, or if you are sitting at one height in the morning and another height at the end of the day - your piston (pneumatic lift) has broken.
Don't worry - pistons are replaceable.  If you purchased your chair at Manley's Basics it will have some sort of a warranty either 1,2,5,10 yrs or a lifetime warranty.  If your chair is outside of its warranty - pistons generally run about $40 ea - depending on the make of the chair.  Our qualified service technician can replace your piston for you and that is included in the price of the piston.
Caster Tips
Did you know that there are different types of casters?
Casters are available in a variety of different types.  The two most common types of casters are carpet casters and tile casters.  Casters only have a 3 year warranty.
Carpet Casters are made of hard plastic and they are made to roll on various types of carpet - they can scratch your hardwood, tile, laminate and other types of hard floor.  If you have carpet casters you won't be able to put your fingernail into your caster.  Check your wheels today - to make sure you are not damaging your new floor! All chairs come standard with carpet casters.
Tile Casters are made of polyeurathane and they are made to grip on to hard floor surfaces.  You can tell if you have tile casters if you can put your fingernail into the caster than it is for hard floors.  Tile casters are made to not scratch your hardwood, laminate, and tile floors.  It is essential that you keep your floors clean.  If a chair with tile casters rolls over a rock, the rock can become embedded in the polyeurathane and that will cause your floor to scratch.  Make sure you let us know that you are putting your chair on a hard surface at the time of ordering.  It is approximately a $10 - $25 upcharge (at the time of ordering) for tile casters depending on the make of the chair. 
Keep an eye on your casters - protect your floors!  To replace your existing casters it is approximately $7 per caster.  It is recommended you change your casters every 3-5 years.